Introducing - The First Intelligent Assistant for Sales

Life exists beyond the CRM.
That's why we invented Quarterly.

No CRM needed - Small/Medium Enterprises can get started with a complete end-to-end solution. (Quarterly also integrates with existing CRMs such as Salesforce.)

No customization needed - Sales reps get the benefits of right away, including recommendations for next actions to speed deals along.

No loss of data - All pertinent data is visualized in real-time in the Management Dashboard. Managers set goals and quotas and monitor deal-velocity. They can also customize ‘playbooks’ that coach reps to close deals faster. focuses on the four “Rs” of account-based sales:

Record - Automate call, email and meeting logging, as well as automatic wireless sync to/from the CRM.

Remind - Automatically generate reminders for calls, emails, meetings, as well as tasks and notes.

Review - All of your account-based data in real-time in the palm of your hand.

Recommend -’s augmented intelligence gives you better recommendations to contact the right person at the right time with the right message.

Standard CRM vs. Intelligent Assistant

Sales Reps

Standard CRM

Intelligent Assistant

Wasted time entering data. Sales reps have to manually enter sales data.
Just sell - no typing. monitors all activity in real time and syncs it immediately to the CRM.
Missed opportunities. CRM provides no help setting reminders to follow-up, complete tasks etc.
Never miss an opportunity. automatically generates reminders, creates tasks, and tracks activity against deal velocity.
Insufficient prospect information. Setup requires manual integration with 3rd-party data brokers, content suppliers etc.
Gain the information edge! pushes the right content about the right organization to the right sales rep at the right time.
Fewer, slower closes. CRM provides no coaching or training to help sales reps close deals.
Close more deals faster. uses smart, customizable playbooks to suggest the right questions to accelerate deal velocity.
Sales Managers

Standard CRM

Intelligent Assistant

Costly & complicated implementation. Requires time and an expensive consultant to set up and configure.
Start immediately, no hidden costs. is configured out-of-the-box to sales reps' workflows (email, calendar, CRM and social networks.)
Too many reports. Requires managers to run a report every time to track the sales team.
Team updates at a glance. Follow your sales team in real time using's unique "infographic".
What is my sales team doing? Data entered by sales reps is often incomplete, outdated and inaccurate.
Know what's going on! Monitors all sales team activity in real time, presents it as an infographic, and syncs it with the CRM.
Wasted outreach efforts. Sales reps receive a long list of MQLs, SQLs etc. with no outreach guidance or assistance.
Conduct better outreach. reminds sales reps of the right person to contact at the right organization at the right time.
Wasted time nagging sales reps. Managers waste time reminding sales reps of the basics.
Focus on high-value coaching. Quarterly's smart playbooks and unique "habit engine" provide "basics" coaching automatically so the manager can focus on higher-level coaching.
Too many "B" players. Does not explain to managers why some sales reps are more successful than others.
Turn "B" players into "A" players. uncovers differences between sales reps from unique mobile microdata, and then coaches the "B's" to become "A's". for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Customizable Playbook allows salesops professionals to customize the deal playbook for sales executives, or to use our industry-standard built-in deal playbook. In either case, will coach the sales executives through their deals using the playbook questions for the deal’s specific location in the sales funnel.

Improving the Playbook: can compare deal outcomes to answers (including non-answers) by sales executives to the company’s playbook questions. Using this comparison, salesops professional can analyse and determine which playbook questions truly increase sales velocity across the sales team.

Deal Tactics Score: provides both a “Strategy Score” for a particular account, and a “Tactics Score” for each stage of every deal, which provide detailed and objective measurements of deal velocity and confidence, and the upside impact of capturing a new account.

Account Strategy Score: Have your sales executives rank new accounts based on their strategic importance to your organization. Plan campaigns, discounts, up-sells etc. based on the strategic value that the account can provide. for Enterprises

Increase Sales Team Productivity: instantly increases sales team productivity, giving sales executives more time to close deals by handling mundane administrative tasks, such as entering data and activities into the CRM, automatically.

Improved Team Visibility and CRM Data Real-Time Team Visibility:’s Real-Time Infographic™ provides managers with unprecedented real-time visibility into the progress of their sales teams from our Management Console. The Management Console delivers real-time benchmarking data such as time spent on accounts and opportunities, the number of accounts a sales executive has engaged, number and types of activities by a sales executive, prospect response times, and more.

Better CRM Data:’s automated CRM data entry gives sales leaders confidence in the accuracy and completeness of the data underlying CRM-based reports and forecasts.

  • Unlock Coaching Opportunities in Real Time: allows sales leaders to set and track progress to sales goals and to customize and track answers to deal playbook questions, all in real time. This allows sales leaders to determine immediately which sales executives are missing goals or not following the playbook, and to give them contextual coaching to get them back on track.
  • Obtain Visibility and Insights into the Sales Process: The platform gives sales leaders a clear visualization of whom sales have spoken with at each stage of an opportunity. Using this information, sales leaders can work with sales executives to refine the questions to be answered at each stage of the deal.
  • Maintain a “clean” CRM: enables field sales executives to synchronize only those contacts,deals and accounts that are relevant to generating accurate forecasts. Sales no longer feels the need to provide “filler” information into the CRM that can lead to over-forecasting or distractions in effort.
  • gives you

    Smart Recommendations for your next-best action, wherever you are

    Actionable Intelligence that increases deal velocity, based on deal context

    Playbook-Based Coaching in the palm of your hand

    Real Time Information on your sales team’s activities

    25 Years ago, CRM arrived on the scene. Since then, four major technology innovations have revolutionized the enterprise:

    Data Everywhere

    Social Media

    Mobile Devices

    Artificial Intelligence

    It’s time for the next revolution in account-based sales:!’s unique AI-based recommendation engine leverages these innovations to Accelerate Sales and Increase Revenue. Quarterly uses Augmented Intelligence to learn from interactions with the users, making Quarterly better the more you use it.