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Introducing - The First Intelligent Assistant for Sales

Life exists beyond the CRM. That’s why we invented Quarterly.


CRM/SFA turned Sales & BizDev into Data-Entry Clerks Mindlessly Scouring Their Networks for Opportunities

Manual Data Entry

CRMs require sales executives to spend time on data-entry, with very little benefit to their sales efforts.

Limited Management Capabilities

Most CRMs act as a "system of record" for management, and do not provide reliable tools for accurate data entry or analysis.

No Incentive or Mobile Savvy

CRMs provide no confidentiality for personal leads, and don't provide relevant information for optimal outreach on a mobile device.

We wondered if we could bring back the fun of sales to Executives, while giving Management a more meaningful view into their teams' activities so they could help optimize sales performance...

We figured life exists beyond the CRM. That's why we invented! A mobile-first, cloud-based intelligent assistant 

Integrate & Consolidate All Your Contacts

Quarterly automagically integrates all your contact information (LinkedIn, Twitter, SalesForce, etc.) with your address book and calendar so that you never forget a contact.

No More Typing.
 Autosync to Salesforce

With Quarterly, you never need to type. Quarterly tracks all your activities (calls, emails, meetings, deals) and automatically saves them. You decide which ones you want to sync to Salesforce. 

Call the Right Person at the Right Time & Close More Deals

Quarterly reminds you to call people you just had meetings with, as well as generating useful recommendations from the people in your network, using our AI and proprietary analytics.

We're a bunch of AI geeks, bioinformatics jocks, and sales guys who needed for ourselves

We have over 50 person-years of sales and business development experience and expertise in AI, big data, bioinformatics and sales enablement. Over half of our team have advanced degrees. With's advanced analytics and cloud-based 'big' data analysis, we can:

  • Help you to reach out to prospects based on their activities.

  • Identify the best time to call or email someone in order to reach them.

  • Improve your sales performance by highlighting activities that work.

  • Recognize buying patterns amongst your customers.


Our Recommendation Engine utilizes all the unique mobile micro-data that never makes it into the CRM

We help you figure out who to call next to close more deals

Connect to the right people. Close more deals. Go home and play with your kids.

Sales Managers

Tired of nagging your sales team to do their outreach?  Quarterly uses  advanced behavior-modification techniques to keep your team on track!

Sales team putting incorrect or incomplete data into your CRM?  Quarterly's automatic sync tool gets their data into the CRM correctly and on time, making it a more useful and accurate product.
Not getting enough out of your CRM?  Quarterly provides useful analytics and on-point recommendations based on information inside the CRM as well as their activities beyond the CRM.


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